Bad Girl Chainz - Gold

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Bad Girl Chainz by Mala Reignz

Bad Girl Chainz are silhouettes, showing no facial details other than the signature evil eyes and pigtails, because ANY girl can be a Bad Girl. Bad girls go against the grain of the expectations that are placed upon them. Bad Girls are beautiful yet strong, feminine yet bold, delicate yet fierce. They're smart, independent and handle their business. Bad Girl Chainz reflect the inner strength and beauty of the girl who wears her. She is the paper doll who broke away from the rest.


Over 300 Authentic Colored Swarovski Crystals set atop Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic often used as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Bad Girl Chainz are lightweight and durable yet bold and beautiful centerpieces to complete any look.

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